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When to Consider Installing a New Commercial HVAC Unit

May 30, 2018

There is never a good time for an HVAC system to break down at a commercial property. If regular tune-ups and other scheduled maintenance aren’t enough to keep your system running, you may need to think about installing a new one. Here’s a start-to-finish guide for commercial property managers to consider when installing a new HVAC system.

It’s All About Ventilation

the main objective of an HVAC system is to spread hot and cold air throughout the building as needed. But did you know these machines can do more? Providing proper ventilation is an important function of a commercial HVAC unit:

  • Replacing stale air with fresh air
  • Regulating humidity
  • Minimizing odors and dust build-up
  • Eliminating hazards such as carbon dioxide and germs

Sometimes ventilation is the forgotten part of H-V-A-C, but it’s just as important as heating and cooling.

Energy Conservation

Whether at a commercial property or at home, you should be trying to conserve energy at all costs. Maximizing your energy and minimizing your waste will save you money. Here are some tips to finding the optimal energy HVAC energy levels in the property:

  • Watch the weather and adjust your system accordingly
  • Set different temperatures at different places in the building
  • Be mindful of which rooms in your facility are less occupied and adjust the temperature to maximize efficiency

Is Your Building Load Properly Distributed?

If HVAC renovations are in your future, take a look at your floor plan doing any major work. It may make sense to change the size of your system depending on the layout of your building.

There are two HVAC upgrades that allow you to capitalize on new technologies:

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD): While many commercial HVAC units are designed to operate at just one speed, VFDs allow the motors to adjust and work at the necessary speed.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF): This technology works at varying speeds and uses the refrigerant fluid as the system’s cooling mechanism.

A Service Guarantee From Johnson

The heating, cooling and plumbing experts at Johnson offer unmatched warranties and service guarantees for systems on your commercial or home property.

Since 1968, we’ve provided top-notch workmanship across the state of Indiana. We offer services to the following heating mechanisms:

  • Mini Split AC Systems
  • Gas Furnaces and Boilers
  • Heaters and Heat Pumps
  • Thermostats and Whole House Humidifiers
  • UV Air Sanitizers

Call us if you have cooling issues with any of the following:

  • Air Conditioners & AC filters
  • Dehumidifiers, Refrigerators and Thermostats
  • UV Air Sanitizers and Evaporator Coils
  • Mini Split AC Systems

Our technicians are trained to the highest standards and are dedicated to keeping your home protected. For an in-depth look at our philosophies and commitment to doing the job right, take a look at our service guarantees.

Call us today at 317-406-6051 for a free estimate on any of your HVAC system needs.

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