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5 Reasons You Need Regular Furnace Maintenance

Oct 28, 2016

5 Reasons You Need Regular Furnace Maintenance

  Cold Weather Thermometer With colder months inevitably comes a reliance on your home’s furnace and heating system to stay warm, but are you taking the time to take care of your furnace?

Annual maintenance on your furnace is essential for keeping it running efficiently and ensuring that it can provide you with reliably comfortable indoor air.

Unfortunately, too many homeowners neglect this important step and spend their winters worrying if their systems will fail them, and if they’ll come home or wake up to an ice-cold house due to a system failure.

 Are you getting your furnace serviced this season? Here are 5 good reasons why you should:

1. Your Health and Safety

If your furnace has been compromised and has a crack or a leak, then carbon monoxide gas may begin seeping into your home when your unit is in use. Carbon monoxide gas is colorless and odorless, making it difficult to detect and identify without properly functioning carbon monoxide detectors. With this in mind, it’s essential that you have your furnace inspected to ensure that no leaks are present.

2. Keep Your Warranty Valid

Some manufacturers require that you schedule regular maintenance in order to keep your warranty valid. If something goes wrong and you haven’t scheduled a checkup in a while, then your manufacturer may reject your warranty claim based on your maintenance records. This is especially important in the event of an emergency because furnace repairs and replacement services can often come with a steep price tag.

3. It Hasn’t Been in Use All Summer

Few people use their furnaces during the warmer months, which means that your furnace has essentially been in hibernation all season. As a result, the first few months after you begin using it regularly are the ones where it is most likely to break down because your unit needs to work itself back up to the same output and efficiency levels that it delivered for you last winter.

4. Replace Worn-Out Parts

Home Air Filter Replacement

One of the biggest benefits of regular furnace maintenance is that a qualified technician can identify problem areas with your unit and perform the repairs as needed.

This provides an opportunity to perform any repairs and minor installations which may be necessary to keep your unit running perfectly, and is especially important since you will be using your furnace every day over the next few months.

5. Peace of Mind

Arguably, the biggest benefit of furnace maintenance is simple: peace of mind. Once a qualified heating expert has inspected your system, tuned up any areas which may have needed a little extra attention, and informed you that your system is safe to use all season long, you’ll be thankful that you called for service.

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