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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Lower Your Spendings

Aug 29, 2014

Learn How Water Heater Maintenance Can Help You Save Money


Reducing energy costs is a common goal among homeowners. While it may appear to be an easy task, many find it difficult to identify the main sources of energy usage. With so many appliances and gadgets in the average home, it’s hard to know where to start. A household convenience that is often overlooked in the hunt for lower energy consumption is hot water. That’s right, water temperature may not be the only thing your hot water heater is raising. Heating water accounts from anywhere between 14% and 18% of your annual energy costs.

Consider these 5 tips as you look for ways to reduce your water heater’s energy consumption.

1. Replace it
Chances are you have a standard water heater. These might be good at keeping your water hot, but they are an energy hog. Investing in a more energy efficient model is one of the best ways to lower your energy usage. A tankless water heater will have initial upfront costs, but you will save over the long run. These heaters use far less energy than a standard model.

2. Repair it
Properly regulated water temperature can go a long way when trying to reduce your water heater’s energy consumption. A broken thermostat works against you in this fight. If it’s set too high, you will see an increase in your energy usage. Have a professional check that your thermostat is giving an accurate reading.

3. Insulate it
It’s possible your water heater’s storage tank is losing heat. Installing insulation on the tank can help keep it from working too hard to stay warm. It’s best to have this done by a professional.

4. Manage it
Leaking pipes and faucets can waste gallons of water if left unchecked. If you notice any leaks, ask your plumber to repair them. After the leaks have been fixed, have low-flow, aerating faucets installed.

5. Maintain it
Regular maintenance of your water heater will allow you to get the most out of it during it’s useful life. Routine flushing can help ensure your water heater is not burning extra energy.

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