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10 Reasons for Planning a Bathroom Remodel

Mar 18, 2016

10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Revitalizing a Residential Bathroom

One of the most useful ways to upgrade a residential property involves commissioning a new bathroom addition or a bathroom remodeling project. By renovating this room, you’ll ensure that an important component of the home does not become outdated.

Just as kitchen styles change in subtle ways over the course of time, bathroom styles and features reflect prevailing trends, also. You’ll want to maintain your fashionable residence in accordance with current design themes in order to help preserve your Greenwood home’s charm and resale value.

Greenwood, IN bathroom remodeling Ten Trendy Reasons

Americans today recognize that style trends change in houses over the course of time. For instance, in the early 1900s, some people in rural areas where outhouses prevailed regarded an indoor bathroom as a luxury. By 1950, householders generally expected to find at least one bathroom in the home, and very nice dwellings offered master bathrooms too.  Starting in the early 2000’s home builders frequently furnished dedicated bathrooms for every bedroom. Prevailing styles change from one era to another.

Yet the reasons why individual households choose to remodel a residential bathroom remain very diverse. Some of the most popular current motivations likely include:

1. Add features to enhance the safety and luxury of your household members, such as hand support rails, walk-in tubs, and movable shower heads.

2. Upgrade an old and tired color using attractive wood or marble veneers to liven the appearance of this important room; cover scratched or faded surfaces with interesting new textures.

3. Increase bathroom counter space in order to accommodate additional sinks and provide extra room for toiletries and other personal hygiene products.

4. Replace ugly, worn vanities with new, built-in cupboards and open shelving to increase storage capacity.

5. Make a tiny room appear much bigger by installing light-reflecting mirrors selectively.

6. Add or re-arrange important shower and tub fixtures to better suit your household’s personal preferences and height needs.

7. Install attractive tile patterns to carry forwards a design theme from another section of the residence, such as the kitchen or bedroom.

8. Brighten and invigorate the bathroom by adding more light, or by increasing certain types of illumination, such as natural light flowing from a skylight.

9. Modify bathroom fixtures and hardware to include new high-tech water-saving and energy-saving technologies in order to reduce your monthly household utility bills and benefit the environment.

10. Infuse your bathroom with an ambiance of luxury by installing a hot tub or an in-home personal sauna.

When you unleash your creativity to enhance the bathroom, you’ll discover many helpful new building materials available on the market to beautify this room.

Financial Considerations

The financial aspects of bathroom remodeling projects usually deserve close attention. Often, by working with an experienced contractor who performs this type of project frequently, Greenwood homeowners enjoy an opportunity to save significant sums of money. Many professional companies with plumbing and construction expertise possess access to very low-cost wholesale supplies because they purchase fixtures and other items in volume, for instance. Even small cost savings add up during a major home remodeling effort.

Most experts recommend drawing up a budget in advance for your bathroom renovation project. Discuss any financial constraints with your contractor and, if applicable, with your lender, too. The company in charge of remodeling the bathroom may offer helpful suggestions that assist you in lowering costs while still achieving the bathroom makeover of your dreams.

Greenwood, IN bathroom remodeling 2 Spectacular Results

You’ll find that an attractive, modern bathroom decorated in accordance with prevailing trends usually adds significant value to a home. Upgrading this important room sometimes allows real estate sellers to reduce the time a residence spends on the market, for example. Although local conditions and sales times vary, most homebuyers will respond favorably to lovely bathrooms. You may discover that a renovation upgrades an older, unattractive bathroom in a way that enhances the overall appearance of the property as a whole.

Homeowners who simply wish to maintain luxurious bathrooms also appreciate periodic bathroom refurbishments. Every year, new developments impact bathroom fixtures and decor items in exciting ways. Surveys reveal that the average person in the United States spends at least half an hour in the bathroom every day. Making the bathroom as comfortable and useful as possible contributes to a better quality of daily life for most Americans. Anyone who spends the average amount of time in the bathroom, the equivalent of slightly more than 4.5 hours out of a  standard 40-hour work week, will certainly prefer nice surroundings in that room!

When you decide to undertake bathroom remodeling, we remain ready to assist you in tackling this challenging project. In the greater Greenwood, IN area, call (317) 881-7738 for more information. Make Johnson Heating & Cooling Inc. your first choice for fast, professional service in this region!


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